Lynn Greer


I believe that there are not very many student athletes that are coming into college that know what it is really like being a student athlete. Students that do not participate in sport also dont know what it is like being a student athlete, from the day in the life and to what an athletes schedule looks like. Im also here to share what my personal season and day in the life is like. Saint Joes Basketball has a large following from former alumni and students from Saint Joes, and it will be very interesting to see what it is like from the inside not just only the outside. Alot goes on during a season that the public doesnt get to see. Pictures I provide for my website will tell stories.

Teamates picking me up, tough game at Nova
Finishing drills at practice in hagan, being guarded by a coach
Coach talking to me in the middle of Hagan after a game
Drinking water in gatorade bottle
Big 5 Champions, Lynn Greer and Shawn Simmons with arms crossed after big win
Driving the basketball to the paint with coach screaming for help on bench